Hungarian pancake/Palacsinta

Palacsinta ("PAL-A-CHIN-TU")

Hungarian pancakes are thin, like the better-known French crepes, and can be filled with your choice of toppings (jam, cocoa, cinnamon, cottage cheese, etc). Getting the hang of sautéing them can take some getting used to. Use a long-handled crepe pan if you have one, or sauce pan. This recipe makes 15 to 20 pancakes.

275 grams (10 ounces) flour
2 eggs
1 teaspoon sugar
150 milliliters (0.25 pint) milk
150 milliliters (0.25 pint) water
1 tablespoon oil
Dash of salt


Mix eggs with the flour and a dash of salt. Add milk and soda water and mix well. The batter should be smooth and not very thick. Make thin pancakes, frying both sides lightly in a greased pan. Spread the pancakes with jam, ground walnuts, ground poppy seeds, cocoa, or cottage cheese. It is very good to make the batter with one half milk and one half soda water (still water works too).