Linder's Fundraising (May 18-21, 2012)

05/18/2012 - 09:00

Szeret kertészkedni? Támogatja a Minnesotai Magyarok szervezetét?

Akkor vásároljon 2012. május 18. és 21. között a Linder's Kertészetben vagy az 52 Flower Mart egyikében

Linder's and the Minnesota Hungarians offer a special invitation to a fundraising event!  Mark your calendar for the 3. weekend in May!
May 18-21., 2012.

Linder's and the Minnesota Hungarians offer a special invitation to a fundraising event. If you bring our invitation/voucher to one of the 51 Linder's Flower Marts or to the Linder's Garden Center between May 18 and May 21, 2012. the Minnesota Hungarians will receive 15% of your pre-tax purchase.

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It doesn't cost you extra money.

Select your favorite annuals or perennials, show our invitation to the cashier, than pay the regular or sale price for your purchase.

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Linder’s Flower Mart’s have been in operation during the spring season since 1988. Today they have 51 locations throughout the Twin Cities Metro area to help you with your gardening needs. The customers are always surprised at both the selection and quality that Linder's is able to maintain at the Flower Marts. As both a grower and a retailer they take great pride in they quality and are always on the lookout for new and exciting plants to add to their extensive selection and even some that you won’t find elsewhere. They carry a full line of Annuals, Hanging baskets, Container plants, Tropicals, Perennials, Roses, and Shrubs and remember Linder’s has the BEST GUARANTEE IN TOWN.

All plants and products advertised by Linder’s this Spring are available at both the Main Garden Center and the Flower Marts. Thank you for shopping with us! For all your year-round gardening needs please visit our Full Service Garden Center.