Baráti Találkozó Gerendás Péterrel - Solo Artist, Composer - September 29, 2017 Sticky

"Utak és Kalandok"

Enjoy a nice evening with the legendary Péter Gerendás, solo artist, composer.

Peter Gerendas - award winning artist, composer and song writer on stage for over 30 years. Performing his most popular hits, including songs from his famous children tunes. His music style best described as soft Jazz, Latin & Rock.

Gerendás Péter több mint 30 éve áll színpadon. Az évek során rengeteg nagyszerű zenész megfordult zenekarában, láthatták már vonósnégyessel, szimfonikus nagyzenekarral, vagy fúvósokkal és dél-amerikai ütősökkel kiegészített nagyzenekarban. Zenéjét leginkább a latin, rock, lírai és jazz dallamok jellemzik.

Peter Gerendas was born in Budapest. After graduating high school, he was an actor at the Déryné Theater then joined Los Pachungos, a group who played Latin American music. In the meantime, he was accepted to the Conservatory's vocal jazz program. In 1976 he formed his own group named Lama. They also toured together with L.G.T. and Zoran. Gerendas was a key player in L.G.T.'s 1983 English tour as well. After this came a longer period of playing with a Norwegian band named Oxygen. He returned to Hungary in 1987, and won the Hungarian Television's "Hungarian Songs" contest with his song "I'm Made of Snow".

After this success, he went on writing songs for Zoran and Zsuzsa Koncz. In 1994 he is awarded the Liszt Prize. In 1999 he receives the Huszka Jeno Prize and the "Singer of the Year" Emerton Award.

Program: (download in pdf)

6:00 pm ~ Social Hours

7:00 pm ~ Gyermek Dalok / Classic Youth Songs like: Bóbita, Mama kérlek, Amikor én még kissrác voltam, Micimackó, Paff a buvös sárkány, Kertész leszek

7:45 pm ~ Intermission

8:15 pm ~ Slagerek / Classic Hits like: Szép Júlia, Azért vannak a jó barátok, Álomarcú lány, Neked írom a dalt, Ha én rózsa volnék, Elindultam szép hazámbul, Hull az el sárgult levél, A csitári hegyek alatt.

MISI Hungarian School - 2017 Fall Semester Registration

MISI Hungarian School Registration

The classes are designed to provide the children the opportunity to succeed to read and write in Hungarian, with particular emphasis on reading and conversation. Our position is that by acquiring an ability to read in Hungarian the student is provided an indirect means of continued proficiency in the language, and that through reading they might learn about and develop an interest in the Hungarian culture.

In light of these developments, we have begun to organize the language classes.


Registration form

Classes will be held:

 September 23, October 7, 21, November 4, 18, December  2, 16, 2017;  starting at 1:30 pm


Unity Church Unitarian (733 Portland Ave., St. Paul, MN)

For more details please click here and visit MISI Hungarian School website.

Hungarian Scouting Day - NEW DATE

Magyar Cserkész Nap – 2017. szeptember 9.

Egy Cserkész Nap margójára: 32 izgatott gyerek, 4 őrs, lelkes szülők, kellemes őszi szél, Mátyás király, kardok, ijak, Szent Korona, lakoma, udvari bolond, tábortűz, jókedv, nevetés, bagolyles. Ti mit tennétek még hozzá? Kommentben jöhetnek az észrevételek.
Jó munkát! Betty

Fotókért katt ide/Pictures

Harvest Festival - Szeptember 16, 2017


Dear All!

I am writing on behalf of the Minnesota Hungarians Board of Directors to express our sincere appreciation to the many groups and individuals who volunteered their time to help make the IV. Hungarian Harvest Festival such a big success.

On September 16, many  visitors came to the Millner Heritage Winery & Cidery for a day of family fun and to celebrate Hungarian harvest traditions. It was a successful event in large part because of our volunteers who kept everything running smoothly.

 THANKS to EVERYONE for your part in the planning, building, preparing, setting-up, cooking, volunteering, entertaining, and cleaning-up of our most successful Harvest Festivals yet!

We hope everybody had a fantastic time and were able to see old friends and make new ones. We hope you enjoyed the Hungarian food, especially the traditional Chimney Cakes, which was offered for the first time this year.

Of course, a big thank you to the Vidéki Hungarian Dancers, the Pipacs Children’s Dance Ensemble, the Szászka band and, of course, our hosts, the Millner Winery & Cidery.

Please visit our Facebook page to view a few photos of the extravaganza -- we'll be adding more photos as they become available. If you have photos to share, you can send them to

Thanks again for your support!

Bernadett Czettisch
Minnesota Hungarians

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