Máramarosszigeti történetek

László Fülöp’s book, Máramarosszigeti történetek – Egy kisfiú kalandjai vészterhes idokben (Stories from Máramarossziget – The Adventures of a Young Boy in Turbulent Times) tells poignant stories of László’s family’s life during and after World War II in Máramarossziget, now located in Northern Romania .  Through the Fülöp family’s stories, this stormy period of Hungarian history is placed in a historical and human context.  The book’s beautiful illustrations enrich the interest and appeal of each story.
“Even as he is occupied with his childish pranks, the hero of the novel, a ten-year old boy living in Máramarossziget, must increasingly realize that in 1944-45 the history “surrounding him” controls his life in many ways.  The author, now living in the United States , describes with genuine humor the childhood of someone who would mature into an extraordinary man, providing us a highly readable account that elicits both smiles and tears.”
The book (in Hungarian) can be ordered from the website of the publisher, Fekete Sas Kiadó , Hungary “