Dunától a Mississippihez

László Fülöp, who serves as Vice President and long-standing Board Member of the Hungarian American Coalition, gave a most appropriate subtitle to his book:  “Extraordinary events can sweep you far away.”  This book (written in Hungarian) is filled with the extraordinary events of post-WWII Hungarian history. Fülöp pays homage to his wonderful family as well as to some of his unforgettable teachers and several classmates at the Franciscan High School of Szentendre.   After his father’s arrest and imprisonment on trumped-up charges by the Communist authorities, the chapters describing Fülöp’s own compulsory service in a “labor batallion” and his subsequent participation in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution make for compelling reading.  Although his dramatic escape and later life as a successful architect and city planner in Wisconsin and Minnesota have indeed “swept him far away” from his beloved Hungary, his frequent trips and continued love of his homeland speak loudly from these pages.

The book (in Hungarian) can be ordered from the website of the publisher,

Fekete Sas Kiadó, Hungary at http://www.feketesas.hu/shop2/Fulop-G.-Laszlo-Dunatul-a-Mississipihez.html