Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Minnesota Hungarians’ web site.

This web site was created to provide information about our 
activities and programs.

Our organization strives to unite our membership through
work that supports common goals. For over 100 years,
Minnesota Hungarians has been engaging in cultural,
educational and philanthropic endeavors as a non-profit
and charitable association.

Our mission is to represent and promote the Hungarian culture
and heritage in Minnesota and the US; to organize and conduct cultural,
educational, artistic and recreational programs; to sponsor and encourage
trade and cultural exchanges between Hungary and the US and to engage in
fundraising in order to support the fore-mentioned activities.

Through the generous donations of members and friends we are able to 
provide assistance to various worthy projects, such as: Sludge Disaster 
Fund, Hungary(2010), Haiti Relief Fund(2010), Hungarian Flood Relief
Fund(2010), The Tooth Fairy Project(2010), International Documentary 
Association-“Torn from the Flag”(2006, 2008), St. Francis Foundation - 
Orphanage in Deva, Transylvania(continuous support), Asian Tsunami 
Fund(2005) and more.

I would like to invite all Hungarian-Americans and friends to become 
active members of our community.

Csilla Grauzer,  President Minnesota Hungarians, Inc.