Rezső Ralph Gracza

By Al Nadosy
With special thanks to Susan Gracza Moscovich
Ralph Gracza, often addressed as Rudi Bacsi (Uncle Rudi), is one of those of us for whom a short biography is not easily written. Ralph was born Rezsõ Miklós Gracza to Karoly, a mechanical engineer, and Zsuzsanna Grazca on June 7, 1921 in Budapest.
Educated entirely in Hungary, he graduated from the Piarist Order's realgymnasium in Magyaróvár (now Mosonmagyaróvár), and earned his diploma (an MS degree in the U.S.) in mechanical engineering and his golden diploma, for his professional activities, from the József Nador Technical University in Budapest, where he also taught in 1944. (He was to polish his engineering credentials later, at the University of Minnesota, in 1972.)
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Rudi bacsi Kilencven - by Emese Pilgram
Read the poem in Hungrian and in English



Irta: Emese Pilgram
Rudi bácsi kilencven! Vajon mit forgat a fejében?
Könyvet ir, vagy főzeléket kavar, Nótázik vagy verset szaval?
Irigyli bizony minden gyerek, mikor a medencébe ugrik fejest.
Ohioba hajt, vagy levelezik az elnökkel, Ha nem, akkor perel a computerrel!
Tűzet rak vagy vendégeit fényképezi, Vigyáz, hogy üres kézzel ne távozzon senki.
Madarat etet és képet keretez, Sosem tudhatod hol leled meg.
Hallottad-e, hogy ő a snidling vadász? Vigyázz, ha felveszi a köntösét
Hamarosan a rendőrség körözi Őkelmét!
Jobban teszed ha bejelentkezel előre, mert ki tudja hogy mit tervez Rudi bácsi a következő kilencvenre!



In English (without rymes)


By: Emese Pilgram

Rudi bacsi is ninety!

What could he be thinking of doing next?


Writing a book or stirring up some good soup?

Singing a song or reciting a poem?


All the kids are envious of him,

When he dives into the swimming pool,.


Is he driving to Ohio or corresponding with the president?

If not, he is arguing with the computer.


He makes a fire or takes pictures of his guests

Careful that nobody leaves with empty hands


Feeds the birds and frames some pictures

You never know where you will find him


Have you heard that he is the famous Chives Hunter?

Watch out, when he puts on his robe,

The Policemen will bring him home.


You better sign up fast to be his guest

Who knows what he plans for the next ninety years!