Torn from the Flag


With Klaudia Kovacs at the premiere of "Torn from the Flag" in Minneapolis
(Laszlo Fulop, Klaudia Kovacs, Csilla Grauzer)

A lyukas zászló - Kinek a filmje A lyukas zászló? - Kovács Klaudiáé!

Tisztelt A lyukas zászló / Torn from the Flag Támogatók és Barátok! A lyukas zászló c. film produkciós vállalata, a Homage to 1956, LLC — a Hules Endre által kezdeményezett pereskedésekkel kapcsolatban — a következő tényeket szeretné közölni:
Hules Endre, a produkciós vállalat volt alkalmazottja, három alperes ellen indított A lyukas zászló c. filmmel kapcsolatban jogi eljárást:1) Kovács Klaudia, 2) Homage to 1956, LLC, 3) George Adams. A választottbíróság Hules keresetét két jogi személy tekintetében (Kovács Klaudia és George Adams) elutasította. A fenti döntést a kaliforniai törvények alapján Dixon Q. Dern 2008. augusztus 11.-én hozta és fellebbezésre mód nincs.


'Torn from the Flag' -  Interview with Klaudia Kovacs

 by Timea Takacs

“Torn from the Flag” the documentary film about the Fall of Communism and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution is being produced by filmmaker Klaudia Kovacs. This film is a feature-length, English-language documentary film about the fall of communism and the significant global effects of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight, which was one of the most remarkable events in modern history. This 95 minute-long documentary film provides an authoritative and historically well-balanced view of the methods used by the Soviet Union between 1945 and 1989 to subjugate tens of millions of people in East-Central Europe and the Baltic States. A handful impassioned survivors tell how they went from being idealistic communists to being fierce anti-government freedom fighters, and then the victims of brutal repression.
('Torn from the Flag' Directors/Writers: Klaudia Kovacs, Endre Hules; for more information visit the following website:


You were young when you came to the United States where you acquired many secrets of the theater, acting, and film industry. What inspired you to make a documentary film about the circumstances and political-economic effects of the revolution in 1956?

I have not seen a comprehensive and well-done, quality film about the Hungarian Revolution and its effects on the communist system, so I made one.  I was interested in the theme of the power of the individual, as well as in making it obvious to both the world and to us Hungarians that it's not just that the world affects us, but, rather, we affect the world as well. I was interested in re-discovering our strengths as a nation-which former members of the Hungarian communist party even today still try to diminish and undermine.  I find it morally unacceptable that these very people today hold public office as politicians, US ambassadors and US consuls.

What was your main goal in making the 'Torn from the Flag'?

To educate Hungarians and non-Hungarians alike about one of the most remarkable events in modern history.


Who was your intended audience?

Primarily the international community.  I wanted to "inject" Hungarians and Hungary into their consciousness for good.  We have not been that great at our own PR up to now; it's time for us to reinvent ourselves in this regard and be loud, clear and proud of our achievements.


What kind of support did you receive?

The entire film was made with the help of the North American Hungarian community, as well as with individual donations from non-Hungarians of US residence.  No support was ever given from Hungary, though I asked plenty of times!


What sort of response did you get from the film?

4 awards and acknowledgements, sold-out houses, standing ovations and superb reviews.  I was told by several historians, as well as by many general audience members, that this is the best '56 film that has EVER been made-and, as far as I know, is also the most successful one.


What things remain to be done related to the film?

We need to continue playing the film at festivals, participate in the Oscar competition, and find an international distributor who will make Torn from the Flag available for all viewers world-wide.  To accomplish all that I need to raise more money, so I ask all readers to donate.  In return, we can provide US-taxpayer donors with a receipt they can use to deduct the donation from their taxes.


What have you been working on since the film was released?

The film has not been truly released in the classic sense, though it premiered in Hollywood and has played at half a dozen festivals.  There are two basic chapters to making a film:  the first is the making of the film and the second is its distribution.  It is not well known that many times making, and properly distributing, a film is two processes that can take an equal amount of energy, time and money.


How and why did you come to the Unites States?

I came to the USA to fully and powerfully explode into my own possibilities.  Hungary unfortunately is still not able to provide the appropriate platform for its citizens with big dreams to do that.


How did you become an actress, director, writer and producer in the United States, rather than in Hungary?

When I finished high school in Hungary I applied to the University of Drama, Film and Television and I was not accepted.  I guess they did not think I was talented.  So I packed my bags and came to Hollywood.


What are your goals in terms of filmmaking, both short and long term?

To make thought-provoking, powerful, great, and also successful films that empower people and celebrate life and its unlimited possibilities. 


Thank Klaudia for the documentary summary that helps us and the world to understand the importance of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and what freedom really means for the people who were living under the communist repression.


With Klaudia Kovacs at the premiere of 'Torn from the Flag' in Minneapolis
(Laszlo Fulop, Tamas Szinyei - Timea Takacs, Agnes Fulop, Csilla Grauzer, Klaudia Kovacs, Botond-Zsuzsanna Igyarto)

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