Csilla Grauzer's Speech

Csilla Grauzer's (President of the Minnesota Hungarians, Inc.) Speech on the Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. (October 23, 2010)

Dear Friends and Compatriots,

The heroic sacrifice of the Hungarians in 1956, taught the freedom-loving people of the world that it was possible to challenge, and eventually destroy, the behemoth of dictatorial Communism. It proved to millions of oppressed inhabitants of the Soviet Block that with determination, unity and perseverance they could triumph.Within the past few decades, more and more of our world citizens have courageosuly risen up against domestic and international tyranny.

We see great progress in many countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa. East Europeans are now truly Europeans with open borders ad free markets. Their scientific, technological and social advantages are phenomenal. However, the struggle is not over. Much remains to be done.

America is at war. Other nations are suffering from civil violence and chaos. Poverty and mulnutrition are widespread. Abandoned land-mines are still exploding. Women are getting raped and children are sold into prostitution and slavery. We cannot stop the struggle. We owe the masses of humanity to do all that is possible to bring peace, prosperity and justice to all corners of the globe. We must use the insparational lessons of 1956 in Hungary to unite the world. We must join forces with people everywhere to rid our one and only planet from evil and evil doers. We now know it is possible to have happier life for the citizens of one nation. Why, then, can't we achieve it for all of us. Why, then, can't we, at least try?

Thank You