MISI - Hungarian School

MISI Hungarian School winter/spring course starts February 6, 2016

The classes are designed to provide the children the opportunity to succeed to read and write in Hungarian, with particular emphasis on reading and conversation. Our position is that by acquiring an ability to read in Hungarian the student is provided an indirect means of continued proficiency in the language, and that through reading they might learn about and develop an interest in the Hungarian culture.

In light of these developments, we have begun to organize the language classes.


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Classes will be held:

 February 6, 20; March 5, 19; April 9, 23; May 7, 21, 2016.  starting at 2:30 pm


Unity Church Unitarian (733 Portland Ave., St. Paul, MN)


Class structure:

The classes will meet for 90 minutes. Five classes will be held concurrently.

Óvoda group (ages 3 1/2 to 5)

Kis Mókus group: will encompass children ages 5 to 7 (kids who turned 5 years old by September 1, 2015).

Intermediate Kis Mókusok (ages 7 to 9)

Haladó/Advanced Nagy Mókus Group: will be for children ages 9 - up.

Kezdő/Beginner Nagy Mókus group: will be for children ages 7 - up (Hungarian as Second Language)


The initial cost will be $100/8 classes for the first child. If the family has a second or third child attending, the cost will be an additional $80.

Classroom supply fee/Copies $15/child.

The required textbooks are the properties of the MISI Hungarian School.

Workbooks tuition fees for new students:

·  Advanced Nagy Mókus Group $15;

·  Beginner Nagy Mókus Group $30.

There are no tuition fee on workbooks for returning students. Classes will continue to use the same material as in Winter Courses.

For families to attend MISI Hungarian School paid Minnesota Hungarians family membership, $40 is required. 2016 membership is active until the end of the calendar year regardless of date of payment.


Refunds for classes will be issued if a cancellation is made according to the following schedule:
• Before class starts: full fee refunded.
• After first class: 75% class fee refunded.
• After second class: 50% class fee refunded.
• No refunds will be issued after third class.
• An additional $10 processing fee is charged per refund.
Class fees will not be refunded for canceled classes due to weather, family vacation days or days missed due to illness.

Payment options

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The five children's groups will be taught by 5 teachers.

Bernadett Czettisch will be teaching the 3 to 5 year old Óvoda group.

Zsuzsanna Matika will be teaching the 5 to 7 year old Kis Mókus group of students. 

For older students - Haladó/Advanced Nagy Mókus group - who have already learned to read and write in English, and are fluent in HungarianJúlia Dukai will be their instructor.  

Eva Kish will be teaching the 5- up Beginner Nagy Mókus group of students. While those children will have an advantage if they have an active or passive understanding of spoken Hungarian, this skill is not a prerequisite for attending Beginner Nagy Mókus class.

We are hopeful that the children and the parents will find the Hungarian lessons useful. We will do our best to give the children a foundation in the Hungarian language that they will be able to use later. It is also our hope that the successful implementation of this two-course series will provide a foundation for the continuation of a Hungarian school. It is our hope that the children will acquire a structural and thematic approach to the Hungarian language, in reading and writing through these classes, but that they also  arouse an interest in a continued understanding and appreciation of Hungarian culture.