Get Cooking!

Get cooking!

Easy, fast and tasty in Hungarian style...
                                   We invite you to contribute your favorite easy-to-make recipe(s)!

Our goal is to collect, promote and spread all favorite recipes that Hungarians like in Minnesota, in the USA and all over the world.

To send your recipes please click on the following link! 

Please put 'Cooking corner - recipe' into the subject.
Please include a picture of the dish if you have one!

Sending my recipe

All kinds of recipes (soup, pastry, main course, dessert...)  are welcome!

- give a name to your favorite recipe in English and in Hungarian as well
- list all ingredients in the order to use
- give the baking / cooking time
- give all of the necessary information that you think would be usuful 

Please send the recipe(s) in Hungarian or/and in English!

Minnesota Hungarians Nonprofit Organization would like to announce a special Hungarian cooking book from the recipes that we receive.