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a Hungarian Christmas Celebration

Mark your calendars for this event to celebrate the Christmas season with szaloncukor, bejgli, mulled wine, delicious Hungarian treats and traditional Hungarian music.

All ages welcome!

December 14 (Saturday), 2019

4:00 pm Social Hour; 4:30 pm Program;  Potluck Dinner, Music & Dance

Mikulás arrives after dinner

Unity Church Unitarian (733 Portland Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104)

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  • Welcome by Csilla Grauzer

    Christmas Poems & Carols

  • Potluck Dinner
  • Meet the Mikulás
  • Dance Party


  • Cold Appetizer Assortments (provided by the Minnesota Hungarians)
  • Please bring your favorite dish to share for the potluck (full dish that serves at least 8 people)
  • Wine and beer available for purchase.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Hevesi Tamás Koncert - 11. 08. 2019.

Hevesi Tamás egy fantasztikus estével, tûzes bulival ajándékozta meg a közösségünket, teljesen elvarázsolta a jelenlévôket. Összejöveteleinken még sok évig fogjuk felidézni az este hangulatát. Kedves Tamás! További sok sikert, a közösség visszavár, ezt valóban “egy életen át kell játszani...” Köszönjük az élményt!
És mint mindig: hálás KÖSZÖNET az önkénteseknek, segítôknek, támogatóknak; köszönjük a sok finom süteményt!




Hungarian Harvest Festival - September 14.

The Hungarian Harvest Festival was a great example of how our Hungarian Community care and grow together here in Minnesota. THANK YOU to EVERYONE whose planning, building, preparation, setting-up, volunteering, marketing, fundraising, sponsoring, cleaning-up, and reveling made this one of our most successful Harvest Festivals EVER!!!! It was a FABULOUS weekend! We hope you, your family, and friends all had a fantastic time! Click the image to see a few photos of the extravaganza -- we'll be adding more photos as they become available. If you have photos to share, you can send them to Special thanks for the Millner Heritage Winery & Cidery and the Gábor Bethlen Fund, in Hungary.


For pictures click here!


Ministerial Commissioner Visits Minnesota Hungarians - 01. 24-25., 2019


Hungary supports strengthening ties between diaspora Hungarians and ethnic Hungarian communities in the Carpathian Basin, ministerial commissioner Péter Szilágyi told MTI on Saturday, after visiting Hungarians in Minneapolis. During his visit, Szilágyi visited North Memorial Hospital, the local MISI Hungarian School, and attended an oath-taking ceremony of people granted Hungarian citizenship under Hungary’s dual citizenship programme. He met the leaders, Board Members and devoted volunteers of the Minnesota Hungarians on a reception.

Pictures of the reception

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Board Members 2019

Board Officers in 2019
      Csilla Grauzer - President    
Sandor Gallo - Vice President
           Rachel Hames  - Secretary       
Zsofia Czegledi - Co-Secretary
   Gabriella Sinka Heath - Treasurer

Board of Directors
Barbara Bor, Alexi Bryant, László Magyar, Tamás Majoros, Zsuzsanna Matika, Alan Nadosy, Dorothy Nadosy, Erzi Németh, Judit O'Keeffe, Réka Szent-Imrey, Maria Vincze

 Tibor Galló - Parliamentarian
          Ágnes Fülöp - Immediate Past President

Barbara Bor - Minnesota Association for Proffesionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)
Bernadett Czettisch - MISI Hungarian School; American-Hungarian Schools Accociation (AMIT)
Ágnes M. Fülöp - Hungarian Communion of Friends (MBK)
László G. Fülöp - Hungarian American Coalition - Board of Directors, Executive Committee (HAC)
Mária Vincze-Kubányi - Imigration History Research Center (IHRC)

Our Sponsors

These events are brought to you by the Minnesota Hungarians with special thanks to Gabor Bethlen Foundation's grands.

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