Olga Zoltai outstanding achievements

by Agnes Fulop

Meet Olga, one of our outstanding members. She has been working for decades with the Minnesota Hungarians and other organizations for humanitarian purposes.
Olga Zoltai
Saint Paul, Minnesota

 "The lady who's activities are not entirely listed in the short article:Olga was the first person I met in 1988 when my family arrived to the Mineapolis airport searching for a new home, a new country, help and friends. We found all these at Olga Zoltai's family; they provided housing, food and help in our paperwork, doctor's visit and much more for a family with no language skills, very little money and arrived with two suitcases in seeking freedom in America.

In that year my family was the 3rd family helped by the Zoltais and enjoyed their generosity. What did they gain from helping people? Sometimes headaches, problems, and trouble and maybe sometimes a "thank you". During the 80's, 90's the Zoltai family helped new immigrants with not only material help, but solving their legal, social, educational and even work related problems.
I would like to send a very honest "thank you" to Olga Zoltai and her family for their support,  and all they did in helping others." -  Marta Lugosi


Olga Zoltai is long time member of the Minnesota Hungarians. She was President of our organization in the late 1970’s. She has been part of our projects, programs, events, all activities, helping with ideas, working with teams in preparations. She worked together with her husband, Prof. Tibor Zoltai during his presidency in the middle 1990’s. Olga and Tibor had graciously opened their house for many years to the MH events and Board meetings. Olga has been a member of the Unity Church Unitarian in St.Paul MN and for years as a board member, today as a member continuously working together with the Church and the Pilgrimages program to Transylvania. 

Project Harvest Hope                  promoting economic development in Transylvania


Olga is a Unitarian who was born in Hungary. She is retired from the International Institute of Minnesota, where she worked as a casework supervisor for over 20 years. She was in charge of refugee resettlement and immigration counseling. She has written hundreds of political asylum cases and worked with the foreign born on many levels.

Olga Zoltai
St. Paul, MN


Presently Olga is ex-Vice-President of Altrusa International, a service club for women, and is on the board of the Summit Hill Association. The Altrusa International Foundation is a not-for-profit humanitarian, philanthropic organization whose mission is to empower Altrusans to provide effective community service programs. The Altrusa International Foundation is dedicated to improving economic well-being and quality of life through a commitment to community services and literary.

Olga says "All my life I tried to do volunteer work as much as time permitted as a way to pay back this country for the tremendous opportunity I have enjoyed when I was a refugee who had no place to go."

Olga Zoltai introduced the Kalocsa Hungarian folk costume at the Altrusa International Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Olga Zoltai 2007
(excerpted from Project Harvest Hope Board of Directors Web-site) http://www.harvesthope.uua.org/boardBios.html

Thank you Olga for your imaginative, dedicated and tireless work for the Minnesota Hungarians and for other organizations. We all appreciate and benefit from your commitments.

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Olga and Tibor Zoltai's story in a book: My Flag Grew Stars by Kitty Gogins

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2012 Immigrant of Distinction Award to Olga Zoltai