Toni Gallo

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toni gallo                                                 

Artist`s statement:                                                                
There is a heavy theatrical statement in Toni's artwork, coming from his desire to understand which part of life we live and which parts we create.
She focuses on depicting time as the moment. This moment can create a vision of the past, the idea of the memory, or the anticipation of the future, but it is the moment, that activates the mind, which invokes an emotion.
Experience becomes a memory immediately. Toni`s work is an investigation into these memories lingering inside with the possibility of surfacing, some often, others rarely.
But how much can be seen, what is absent, blurry, or added?
Because this is a new memory born from the old, it seems the memory becomes the experience.
by Toni Gallo
Biography hints:                           
Education: Bachelor of Arts (Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA) , Summer Arts,  
                 Florance, Italy (California State University) more...
Exhibitions: Saint Paul Art Crawl (2006), Fall Fine Arts Show (Grainbelt Bottling House, Minneapolis, MN, 2006, 2007) more ...
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